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The correct way to pronounce 'Virgin'
One who has not expierienced sexual intercourse
Are you still a Vergen?

You Fag! It's Pronounced Vergen.
by Zacgiterdun1 December 04, 2007
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vergen, short irregular form of the german verb "vergewaltigen", which is "to rape".
can be used for several occasions and has different meanings.

Funny as a noun, to welcome your guests (best bros!...).
Also great when used as a replacement-verb like "to drink, to try, to sleep with so1 on friendly basis"

date of birth: june 2014, created by me
"Ja gleich, ich verge eben noch die Pilsette hier."
"In a moment, let me just "rape" this Pils."

"Alter Verge, alles fit? Komm doch rein!"
"KA, ob es jetzt geht, ich verge es mal eben."
"Letzte Nacht hab ich die Alte aus dem Club gevergt, die war schrΓ€g!"
"Vielleicht lΓ€sst sich das irgendwie vergen?"
by epicSax84 July 03, 2014
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