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Vergan, is simply one person whom is a virgin whilst being a vegan.
If two vegans had intercourse, they would only be vegans now and no longer vergans
by brodie daffen August 09, 2018
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A person that is a virgin to all kinds of sex. (does not perform any kind of sex) Ex. anal/oral

Someone completely celibate.

Kind of like how a vegan is much more strict in their diet than a vegetarian.

A virgin is to vegetarian, as vergan is to vegan. (analogy)
"Man, she said she was a virgin then I found out she didn't do anything sexual at all"

"A vergan indeed"
by jesushchristthethrird October 18, 2009
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Vergan- Being a Virgin while also being vegan.

A Vergan makes it known to all food products that they are a vergan so they wouldn't sleep with meat.
Vergans will get triggered if they find you sleeping with meat or other food products that came from animals.
Person 1: So you want some cheese with your burger?
Vergan: I'm a vergan.
Person 1: So grass?
Vergan: That will be fine
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by ArgonZoran August 12, 2017
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