2 definitions by HelluvaHoax!

Verbal -adjective
1. inordinately excessive in the use of verbs within one's speech or writing, denoting amazing actions or feats that one previously did or is able to do in the future, despite abundant proof to the contrary.
2. denoting a person who falsely, absurdly and ridiculously claims credit for a verb that they only said but never did.
* Dreading an eternity of listening to delusional bragging, guests at the dinner party refused to sit near the verbal Scientologist.
* Then, Al Gore went completely verbal and claimed to have invented the internet.
by HelluvaHoax! December 4, 2011
WordClown: -noun. 1. A person who unwittingly entertains others thru what they (alone) believe to be cleverly deceptive syntax. They often mistakenly assume themselves to be quite sophisticated, scholarly or brilliant--not suspecting that others are laughing at their buffoonery. 2. A faux-intellectual or laughably inept "expert" who inadvertently provides entertainment by using words as if they were loudly beeped out of a clown's squeeze-horn. 3. One who pathetically attempts to defend the indefensible by distracting everyone with a word-juggling act worthy of a clown.
WordClownism is a disease that is triggered by fact-finding or whistleblowing, at which time the WordClown immediately begins spinning, twisting or otherwise torturing the truth in a frantic effort to keep it hidden. Their desperation is so great that they begin spewing non-sensical words, framed with much gravitas--which only heightens the hilarity.
by HelluvaHoax! October 17, 2011