An area of fluid-flow, typically through a tube, in which there is a decrease in area, causing increased fluid-flow velocity and lower pressure resulting in a vacuum at the point of lower pressure.
Dave: "Hey man, what's the venturi do in a carburetor?"
Joe: "The venturi creates a vacuum which sucks up fuel through the main nozzle of the carburetor and into the air-stream."
by Carburetor1963 July 8, 2018
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A family of honey badgers who like to associate with walruses and eat potatoes exclusively
Those honey badgers are so cool, pity they are Venturi
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Da little-known mechanic-sidekick of Jim Carrey's super-sleuth-of-da-domestic-animal-world character; his job is to keep all of Ace's vehicles in perfect running order.
As much damage as Randall "Tex" Cobb's grumpy-ruffian character caused to da Animal Advocate's prized muscle-car, it's likely dat Ace Venturi had several days' worth of "patchin' 'n' paintin'" to perform after da famous daredevil detective got back from his dog-retrieving mission.
by QuacksO January 21, 2023
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