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That creamy, smegma that formulates around the bellend of one’s knob. Ripe, pungent, savory yet tangy.

Discovering a find of vein cheese is akin to discovering a hoard of fresh truffles.
As we relaxed along the shoreline, frolicking and drinking a vintage Cabernet, she reached and exposed my throbbing member. Freeing it to the open and fresh sea air, she moistened her waiting lips and leaned down to delectably swallow my bell. To her wonderful surprise, she peeled back the foreskin to reveal a trove of fresh vein cheese, ripe and ready. She scooped it with her trembling finger and smeared it upon a cracker from our basket. I could see it was ripe and tangy from the puckering of her cheeks. She complimented the flavor with a sip of her wine then commenced to copulate my shaft until a glorious rope of skeet trickled down her chin.
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by A. M. Wood February 01, 2018
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