Similar to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you are having a private conversation that is not to be repeated you say "Vegas Rule".
Hi Joe, I need to talk to you "Vegas Rule". OK?
Vegas Rule on this, Shirley is a real b----.
by Dolores Kadien June 13, 2007
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An agreement between individuals to not discuss publicly events, conversations, or happenings they have shared in common. Applies to nights out, parties, business meetings, conversations, etc. Can be heard expressed as "What happens here, stays here."
We must keep this discussion between us. I am asking you to apply "The Vegas Rule" on this one. You know... "What happens here, stays here."
by admancorb August 10, 2009
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"Vegas rules" is a phrase that comes from the a story where a gambler in Vegas cannot pay his debts and has his arm broken for his trouble. it's Common meaning simply states that if you don't complete a certain task ( Normally paying your share of a bill) "Vegas rules" means an unpleasant and usually violent thing happens to the offending party
P1: Hey can you pay your side of the bill
P2: Erm...sorry nope i have no money
P1: well Vegas rules
P2: Crap!
by Apoll0 June 13, 2012
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