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Chinchilli Day celebrates the victory of the tiny pueblo town of Topiticca over the uprising of their pet chinchillas. Although many attempts were made to negotiate a ceasefire, the fighting continued over three long days until the last of the chinchillas was gone. To this day the town’s victory is celebrated by the descendants of Topiticca and all chinchilla haters.

Note: Because little is known of the actual dates of the conflict, there are those who believe the town of Topiticca never existed and Chinchilli Day is actually an elaborate excuse to spend an extra day partying in Las Vegas.
I can't come to work Monday because I will be in Vegas celebrating Chinchilli Day
by admancorb June 26, 2009
An agreement between individuals to not discuss publicly events, conversations, or happenings they have shared in common. Applies to nights out, parties, business meetings, conversations, etc. Can be heard expressed as "What happens here, stays here."
We must keep this discussion between us. I am asking you to apply "The Vegas Rule" on this one. You know... "What happens here, stays here."
by admancorb August 10, 2009