1) A gorgeous yet bitchy creature that has the power to seduce any man, but will throw balls of fire at you if you piss one off. Mentioned in Harry Potter.

2)The Veela is also a very close relative of humans, but with interesting powers. Veelas are universally female, exceptionally beautiful, and can exert a strong grip over human males with their brand of sensual dancing. Any males watching will instantly be overcome with a desire to watch them and impress them with some great heroic feat. Even when they are not dancing, the Veela carries a certain aura which is deeply inspiring to men. The effect seems to wear off a little with age, as Arthur Weasley was able to resist the charm of the Veelas’ dance at the Quidditch World Cup, whereas Harry and Ron were about to leap on them.
"I invented a broom that can fly to mars"
by Caroline & Lorelei August 02, 2005
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The word Veela originates from the Harry Potter series.
A veela is a girl that you cannot get out of your mind, or a girl that you have obsessed over for a long period of time. A great majority of the time they are completely out of reach from you, but no matter what they do (even the most innocent acts) can make you crave them.
Even though she got married 4 years ago, I'd ruin that marriage! She's definitely my veela.
by Tsudognim December 16, 2015
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The Male Sex Organ. Formally known as a penis.
Yo blad my veelas bare hurtin,
Oi hoe suck my veela.
Yo G you aint nuttin but a veela head!
by Djib June 18, 2007
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A person in position of power, abusing said power on a apologetic and regretting individual.
p1: dude i got banned on a discord server
p2: what did you do?
p1: i said something stupid
p2: you are stupid, apologize
p1: i laid down flat but they still banned me
p2: lol, veela mods.
by BrXsu August 07, 2020
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