First used amoung Blue Traveler road crew, now commonly understood in the Jam Band scene.

As a noun: A person who shows up extremely late. A person, who doesn't keep a committment, usually because they are too drunk or stoned or has found something better to do, usually with someone who is more prestigious or closer to the "beautiful people". A worthless, untrust worthy person. A fake friend. A sycophant. As in the word "reveal".

A person, usually a trust-fund kid, in a band or celebrity inner-circle that has no talent or acomplished skill or serves no function for that band other than to be associated with it and bases their self-worth on that friendship.

As a verb: To blow somebody off for something better that comes up such as drugs or the chance to be with more "beautiful people". To space out on something you've given your word about. To be too high to keep a promise. To be irresponsible.

See vealed.
The other band members hated him because he was a total veel, but he grew up with the singer, so he was "in".

Since we knew that Ween was in town, we took bets on whether or not he would veel our party.

I had to veel the party, AJ, whose band was reviewed in Relix this month, stopped by with a big bag of coke.

by AlcheyKeith December 23, 2005
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Gregory is into veeling, that's why he only shops at nordstrom and hypebeast.
by TRAVVIS December 28, 2017
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This is a typical way of congratulating someone in the Afrikaans language. It means literally "much luck". You can also use it in the full sentense by adding the specific reason for the congratulations at the end (see example).
"veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag" (congratulations on your birthday)
"veels geluk op 'n groot taak wel gedaan" (congratulations on a job well done)
by raai.wie October 25, 2006
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