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A completely unique girl. Often stunning and has a great personality. They love to have fun, but at times they are low-key and calm. They are friends with nearly everybody, and if they aren't, they have a good reason behind it. Vayda is probably the coolest person you'll ever meet. Very down to earth and sweet. Charismatic, for sure. You'd be very lucky to meet one. Once you do, never let them go.
Guy 1: Dude, who was that? She was so unique..

Guy 2: Yeah, that was Vayda. She's pretty cool.
by chillmonester98 March 29, 2012
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A person who's personality is outstanding, cute and witty. You'll have a hard time if you are too attached to her- and she can break your heart if your not too careful. A Vayda has a a hard time seeing if someone loves her and she doesn't act kindly either.
Person 1: Why does this happen to me!
Person 2: Idk because you have bad luck.
Person1: I loved Vayda, after two years sh-
Person 2: Shh, calm down
by DankKommandant November 01, 2018
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