Characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against children, toward vaccine injured and/or vax free individuals.
Randy did not like that parents were making informed choices against vaccinating their children. He told mothers their child(ren) should be taken away. Randy is a vaxist.

Karen was preparing for her daughter's 5th birthday and sent out invitations to everyone, except little Jenny. Little Jenny didn't get an invite because her parents had decided against vaccinating her after reading the vaccine insert that showed obvious risks. Karen is a vaxist.

Dewayne was a big proponent of freedoms, that is until he found out that his sister had chosen to keep her kids vax free after her first son, Timmy, had suffered a vaccine injury. Dewayne believed his sister's kids should be vaccinated against their wishes.
Dewayne is a vaxist.
by Nilkiknikki December 10, 2019
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Someone that literally forces someone to get vaccinated the other person, who does not want to get vaccinated.
Man, Bobby is not only a douchebag, he is also a Vaxist, because he forced to Laura, who does not want to be vaccinated to get vaccinated and he also told her that if he downright refuses his requirement, which he has told to many other people that something bad will happen to her, so Laura had no choice but to get vaccinated, because she obviously does not want something bad to happen to her.
by PhoenixGamer34 April 13, 2021
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Someone who believes vaccines are good and believes the pro-disease people should quit getting their google degrees to try and prove a point that has been debunked.
All of the vaxist parents are going to have kids that grow up to be vacist parents instead of them dieing by age ten.
by PettyB!+<#1220 March 30, 2019
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a person who believes that a mass vax or mandatory vaccination is superior to testings or pills during outbreaks
Will is a hard vaxist! He's not going to give you a job if you didn't get a covid-19 vaccine and immunity card.
by timlight April 22, 2020
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A person who is Racist against the un vaccinated
I hate that skaren shes a vaxist
by Slimshat420 February 21, 2022
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