1. Pronounced Vair-in (Noun)A Toho monster that has only been in two movies, not counting stock footage in Godzilla: Final Wars.
Varan, the Unbelievable (1958)
Destroy all Monsters (1968, cameo)
2. Pronounced Vuhron. (Verb) The act of saying dully. Coined after the dullness of the American Varan.
1.Varan has never been seen fighting another monster. Some compare Varan to Baragon.
2. "What a cool house." John said Varanly.
by I am not Manda February 27, 2011
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Michael Hunter Hutter's (aka Ethan Carter III) long lost brother. He plays professional football but can hardly be considered as professional himself based on how bad he is at defending.
Maybe Varane would have a more successful career doing wrestling rather than football.
by Kaneisabottler August 7, 2021
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The defensive duo used by cowards in FIFA 21.
Look, he uses Varane-Mendy! He mustn’t have many friends...
by GOAT Luis May 7, 2021
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Based on the Indian name Saravaran, Varan is a shorthand way for Indians to call each other idiots.
Boi you a varan.
by ADK1709 March 6, 2020
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Hottest and sexiest mf alive. If you ever see him, then be ready for a day of joy.
He looks like Varan, so he must have big dick energy
by FriedSalad69420 November 22, 2021
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Sivanesh varan is a most handsome guy and he is like a some actor,he is lovable girl sighter
Sivanesh varan
by Rishab pant November 25, 2021
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