One of the "homies" in your friendly ghetto neighbourhood that you would normally refer to without getting bitch slapped.
1: "Yo G dawg, wazzup?"
2: "See dat snowflake over dar?"
1: "Ye ye, that's the shiz I'm talking about right derrr!"
by Vixtertrickbox April 07, 2006
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A highly intelligent life form that is above all other life forms. God.
G-Dawg looked down on his people, and it was good ... And said "Solor is a meush."
by Carmelita January 23, 2004
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a group of poser stupid fags with no life and all they no how to do is believe they are black
That person over there is a g dawg
by rob September 28, 2004
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It's more than a Homie, their on a bun. They mean the world to you.
Hey man, you're my Homie G Dawg on a Bun.
by ninjanewt September 02, 2009
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