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A very kind girl that puts a hard shell on the outside but that is very sensitive on the inside; usually plays it off when she is hurt. Very loyal to her friends and family. Very forgiving but hates to say sorry. Usually a brunette with grey or green eyes. She is a hidden beauty that you have to look closely to see, but when you do, you can’t stop looking. She loves excitement and is a total smart-ass that doesn’t like bragging too much. Pretty introverted unless she is with people she is comfortable with.
Girl 1: wow, Esmé just forgave me when I totally threw her under the bus.
Girl 2: sounds like an Esmé
by Prettymuchaplum October 04, 2019

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Van is a hard working mum and avoids the shoe like the plague. Her name is often short for Vanessa, because she hates that name for herself. Often a brunette and self conscious but beautiful. She has a strong opinion and loves all her kids.
Girl: wow, my mum is so amazing.
Boy: Well duh. She’s a Van.
by Prettymuchaplum October 04, 2019

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