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For girls: A Vang girl would be described as pretty, nice, beautiful, educated, caring, and loveable. Natural Beauty shines for them. Handle with care. Treasure && Cherish her.

For boys: A Vang boy would be described as handsome, patient, kissable, caring, and hot. Treat them like S H I T. You'll get the same back.
Damn look at that fine VANG girl. She got me calling her name already.

He's a VANG! Whoot whoot. The right babe.
by Gao Lee Vang February 01, 2009
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To Vang is to Bang.
Person 1: That person is so VANG-ABLE

by robotictape February 05, 2008
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the equivalent of the word "wang" for females, only used in the context of "tang" adjusted to sound like vang
Timothy is an ill perv who always trys to G-rape his woman's Vang
by SpreeganDreeganKreegan December 10, 2002
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Noun- short for Boom Vang. A boom vang is the mechanical part on a sailboat that holds down the boom of the mainsail. Usually adjustable, normally a diagonal brace that connects to the mast base at deck level and connects the mainsail boom about 1/4 to 1/5th of the distance from the gooseneck (hing connecting the boom to the mast)
Also called "the kicker" in UK or "contra" in Spanish.
Many modern boom vangs also support the mainsail boom at rest.
Usually have a large mechancial advantage with line and blocks, or hydraulics.
1. Give me more "vang" to close the leach of the mainsail.
2. Blow the "vang" when that gust hits or we're going to broach.
3. The traveler doesn't work too good, so lets "vang"-sheet
by Oceans16 June 12, 2007
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