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A transvestite. A girl who pretends to be a girl but really has a penis.

See: Chicks with Dicks
Girl #1 - Ew, did you see that Van Note over there?
Girl #2 - Yeah, she has a bigger penis than my boyfriend!
by balhky June 21, 2007
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A girl with a biiiiggg vageeeen
Ali VonBecker is such a ho. I heard she has a stinky
Van Note
by Charles Schwab September 26, 2007
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A fetish where one fills the back of a cargo van with zip-lock bags full of warm gravy, dons a bondage suit complete with metal studs then dives into the pile of bags and pretends to seizure. Can also be performed in a kiddy pool. In Germany the zip-locks are replaced with condoms. Named after the famous incident of the epileptic working in the kitchen of dennys on all you can eat biscuits and gravy day. Who seized and created sloppy history on the kitchen floor.
by mr flopadopolous May 25, 2014
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