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Like an odometer, a vagometer is used to gauge the amount of usage a vagina has endured. A combination of vagina and odometer.
Vagometers can sometimes be fooled/tricked by courtesy stitches.
That sluts vagometer turned over before she got her driver's license.

by DJ BALL January 09, 2006
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Similar in theory to an odometer, a vagometer is a device that measures how much use a woman's vagina has had; how worn out it is.
I can't believe she finally single again, I'd ask her out but she has way too much mileage on the vagometer.
by scorpioeric October 14, 2009
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A multi-scale measuring device. Capable of measuring moisture, friction, depth, pressure, tempurature and emotional intensity simultaneously.
The enthusiatic grip she had on my vagometer indicated she was having a good time.
by Kevin Rose December 18, 2002
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