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A male-free equivalent of the "dick"tionary. Only meant for truly dedicated and hardcore feminists who wish to free themselves of the oppressive bonds of male patriarchy.
Guy: "Why do you spell it w-o-m-y-n?"
Gal: "That's how it's supposed to be spelled, look it up in the vaginary."
by superyamman2 November 12, 2013
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one who has imaginary vaginal friends. examples such as 15-18.5 year old males with raging hormones, with needy dominant hands of teenage coochMONGERS.
Your vagination is going wild, you yeasty mouthed nut-hook!
¡CROOK NECKS NEED NOT APPLY TO BEING VAGINARY, you will be a virgin till you die!
by DickWeed8---D March 14, 2008
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