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This is a multipart version of foreplay, and will only be enjoyed by people with a certain fetish.
Step 1: Spred the vagina lips far apart from one another and have your partner take a dump inside. This will act as the "shell" of the taco
Step 2: have your partner put their dick/finger in the vagina to push the shit down. This will act as the "meat" of the taco
Step 3: have your partner pee in the vagina hole and have them mix the piss and shit in the vagina with their finger or dick. This is the "cheese" of the taco.
Step 3: have your partner cum in the hole and, again mix the combination together. This will act as the sauce of the taco
Step 4: Finally, have your partner eat the "taco" until nothing is left. You can choose to have sex after this or not
Man 1: Sara let me give her a vagina taco last night! It was awesome!
Man 2: That's gross!!!
Man 1: You will never understand, you don't have the same fetishes as me
by Pussydestoyer6969 February 07, 2015
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