When she is broke and can’t afford Gucci, she’s always got the “Coochie Couture”. Free, all natural, pheromone perfume made from her vagina that she rubs into the sensitive spots to attract a mate for the night.
Guy-“Hey babe, what’s that perfume that you got on? It seems familiar.”

Girl-“Oh do you like it? I vabbing around the Gucci section and came across a cheaper version of what I always buy.”

Guy-“I meant it smells like a strip club or your sister’s bedroom.”

Girl-Looking mad, “I’m gonna have a long talk with her.”
by rc95gokart2 July 9, 2022
When a women sticks her fingers in her vagina and puts the juices behind her ears to attract men and get laid.
Girl I tried vabbing last night and had the best f*ck of my life.
by They call me Karen February 6, 2019
A new TikTok trend where women take their discharge and put it behind their ears on on their neck in attempt to make someone fall in love with then or to get laid.
"Yesterday I tried Vabbing and Peter asked me out"
by sundaeVII July 14, 2022
when you rub coochie juice on yourself to attract mate
addi vabs herself every night so luke and chase will we attracted to her.
by heymamma696969 July 14, 2022
When a female puts her hands in her vagina, and rubs the juice behind their ears. Leads to hookups, threesomes, and has even saved marriages.
Girls night out, I want to make sure I get some dick tonight. I’m gonna vab.”
by secretkeepersclub April 1, 2019
something that is very disgusting and should affect your credit score 🤡
sarah: “imma do some vabbing tonight
by meemaw July 19, 2022