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Valley Transportation Authority, a bus and light rail service provider that covers the Santa Clara County in California. It also connects riders to other major commuter trains such as BART, Caltrain, Amtrack and also a shuttle to Mineta San Jose International Airport. Tickets are relatively cheap, $2 for two hours or $70 a month for unlimited ride.
I took VTA to school and it took forever!
by Nasor6221 August 06, 2015
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Virginia Theater Association. A complete life changing experience. If you live in southern Virginia, you leave on a bus @ roughly 3-4 A.M. on a friday. Then you go to Reston, and stay in a Hyatt hotel for the next 3 days. In those 3 days you meet so many cool people and expierence happiness for the first time in your life, if you are a theater kid. Nobody there is mean at all. You can basically go and talk to any person you want to and not be judged. You perform the play you have to do on either friday or saturday, with the winners announced right before the Halloween dance. Then on sunday, you pack up and leave and wait until next year. The week after VTA is filled with extreme sadness.
John-you seem sad, whats wrong? Jake-I just got back from VTA, best time of my life. Now i'm in this shithole town again. John-oh.
by The K-Town Mafia Suicide Squad November 14, 2010
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