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When you play with virtual reality for so long that when you come back to real life you feel high.
“Man I’ve been looking for da qween as Ugandan knuckles for so long that I feel vr high
by a moist rectum May 03, 2018
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The strange, drunk feeling you get when you take off the virtual reality headset (especially if it's your first time trying VR) and return to the "real" reality, the feeling that you're in a dream even though you're not because your mind has gotten too used to the virtual environment.
Amy : OMG, I can't think. It feels like I'm walking in my fucking sleep. Am I dreaming?
Jon: Were you playing on my vr?
Amy: um yeah
Jon: yeah, you're in a vr high. it'll wear off in 20 minutes or so
by sarcasticallybrilliant May 15, 2018
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