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The strange, drunk feeling you get when you take off the virtual reality headset (especially if it's your first time trying VR) and return to the "real" reality, the feeling that you're in a dream even though you're not because your mind has gotten too used to the virtual environment.
Amy : OMG, I can't think. It feels like I'm walking in my fucking sleep. Am I dreaming?
Jon: Were you playing on my vr?
Amy: um yeah
Jon: yeah, you're in a vr high. it'll wear off in 20 minutes or so
by sarcasticallybrilliant March 25, 2018
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A Democratic slogan playing on the double meaning of the word "Trump" as a verb meaning "beat" and as the last name of Donald Trump. It can be interpreted in a few ways:
- "Love beats hate." Love (which the Democrats practice) will always win over hate (which Trump practices).

- "We love the things/people/ideas Donald Trump hates." Like immigration, women, and religious tolerance.
- "Donald Trump hates love." As in love for a same-sex partner or love for your religion even if it isn't Christianity.
- (MISTAKENLY) it is interpreted as telling people to love how hateful Donald Trump is. However, this is WRONG.
Donald Trump thinks he's better than everyone else, but in reality, love trumps hate.
by sarcasticallybrilliant March 26, 2017
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Phrase used to describe someone who is being the most idiotic or irritating person you have ever seen, so much that calling them an asshole would be an underestimation. Asshole times nine.
That driver is being nine assholes, she just ran a red light while talking on her phone and then flipped me off when I honked my horn at her.
by sarcasticallybrilliant June 14, 2018
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