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means "Video Game Disaster". Usually refers to when a game or console fails so badly, it sometimes causes the company that released the atrocity to feel ashamed
The Virtual Boy was a VGD.
by Babbit Green Giltch November 29, 2010
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lazy people dont like writing very good, so they write vgd. Just another useless abbreviation like lol, and m8 and so on.
man : how did the exam go
man2 : vgd
man: HUH?????
man2: it means very good!!!
man: oh...
by Orichalon May 24, 2003
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An acronym for Vaginal Gap Divide which describes the cleft that appears in the crotch of too tight jeans. VGD is also known as Camel Toe.
"Hey Steve, that girl is looking for some strange. Her pants are showing off the VGD."
by nonafun77 April 11, 2010
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