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Vie De Merde. French equivalent to the acronym FML or Fuck My Life in English.
Literally means "shitty life".
"Hey you heard of"
"Man, I'm French. I've been going to even before started."

"Ca va mec?" (How you doing man?)
"Bof, ma meuf viens de me quitter pour un gros lard pété de pognon. VDM." (My girl just dumped me for a rich fatass. FML)
"Clair." (I hear ya.)
by rasd75 April 14, 2009
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Acronym for Vietnamese Domestic Market. Used to describe anything native to vietnam such as food, clothing, people, et cetera. Similar to JDM.
I made some VDM food to help acclimate my vietnamese guests.
by Zack Pasi July 15, 2005
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Vietnamese Domestic Market. Similar to "JDM"(Japanese Domestic Market). Used when describing products pertaining to those primarily consumed by people in vietnam, or that would have to be imported to obtain.
I like VDM coffee, it tastes so good.
by zack p July 04, 2005
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