The act of kicking open a door very loudly. You usually yell the words VAN DAMME as you are doing it as well. Refers to the action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme, and how his kicks can bust down doors.

This is helpful when you want to be an obnoxious asshole, or you're carrying something and can't use your hands.
Ahhh shit I can't open that door with all this shit in my hands. Oh well, VAN DAMME!(Busts open door with kick)
by BigYetiDick January 29, 2008
1.To push aside personal feelings or obstacles and focus on the task at hand.

2.To, somehow, be able to land a full-splits spinning roundhouse kick to the face of a superior opponenet whilst blinded by salt thrown by said oponent.
You:"Dude, I can't go to work. I feel like crap after Cindy dumped me."

Me:"You gotta Van-Damme it and go anyway. Frank Dux didn't want to go to the Kumite but he did it AND he won."
by Yehudi c/o Rhett April 29, 2008
Did you see the Van Damme Van? It looks awesome. Plus I hear it can go over 1000 miles.
by Livewire October 10, 2005
The Van Damme, is inspired by the movie "Waiting." The Van Damme is a technique to show ur nut or nuts at a casual by stander and then ridaculing him or her as a fag and kicking them 6 times. The technique is difficult and requires some martial arts background, hence the name VAN DAMME. The move goes like this, Person A does a round house kick with loose shorts in front of person B, person B takes a quick glimps of his nuts as he should because the VAN DAMME should be lightning quick.
"SHIT, he pulled the van damme"
by JC SLATER September 18, 2006
What you yell when you are with someone who's party piece is to do the splits.
"Dude, Johnny is wasted again! Hey Johnny Van Damme It!"
by ShannyMacCorn September 8, 2011
Involves supporting one's self approximately 6 to 8 feet off of the ground by doing a split between to walls (such as in a hallway) and ejaculating on passers by.
- "Hey Marty, what's with your eye?"
- "Yanks nailed me with a van damme carwash when I got back from class."
by Old Trevor April 7, 2006
Lack of work production on a friday afternoon, often characterized by sending emails of Jean Claude Van Damme dancing horribly.
Looks like it's another Van Damme Friday.
by Pats Mom March 7, 2008