When your pants grasp your package and form a "V" shape in the crotch zone after sitting down.

Best results with tighter jeans*
Grandpa Frank had a massive V pack when he came over to me in his wheel chair.
by Daves August 28, 2005
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A package of essentials containing the following:
A 2-Liter Coca Cola Product
A Pizza Hut Pizza
A Pack of Marlboro Reds

This Package is essential for the start of a work day.
Just went out and got myself The V Pack, ready to start work
by Kaiga August 12, 2011
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basically this means ur on v money’s case. u b nagging and tryna come at v money. which is not good. this is a very common brand. which can be very addictive. you might want a nicotine patch.
example- get off my case you stay smoking that v money pack.

example- you bets getchu a patch , u smoking 3 v money packs a day. no good (x2).
by IloveGibbstown May 7, 2021
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1. -Noun- An extremely large backpack that doubles as a fitness center and a personal security device. It has also appeared in Japanese anime, cheap late night commercials, as well as countless billboards in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

2. -Adjective- (Slang) A derogatory term used to describe white people.

3. -Verb- To own/pwn
1- Wow!!! I cant believe the Max-Pack V. 2.0 (Respectively) is back! The Max-Pack is back and better than ever!!!


3- lulz liek i just max-packacked teh n00basaurus rex.
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