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Gibbstown is a small town in South Jersey. The town is nice from a distance. But the people on the other hand. The towns people are huge asshole. it’s fine i love them anyways. I am one of those assholes.

There are a variety of people the town ranges from. Hicks( All of those yee yee mofos do is fish , say the n word , hunt, and listen to country music) the Want to b down with Paulsboro( all they do is claim to have “people’s”) the bike gang members(basically ride around south jersey on their bikes. and probably have a instagram account for their bike), the whores (self explanatory), and some people are normal i guess.

But this town is pretty boring. expect during like football season. which the football team sucks ass. but Gibbstown is the best.
Omg dude did you see that girls nudes from Gibbstown?

Bruh another boy on a bike from Gibbstown.

Stfu your not even hard you’re from Gibbstown.
by IloveGibbstown April 1, 2021
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basically this means ur on v money’s case. u b nagging and tryna come at v money. which is not good. this is a very common brand. which can be very addictive. you might want a nicotine patch.
example- get off my case you stay smoking that v money pack.

example- you bets getchu a patch , u smoking 3 v money packs a day. no good (x2).
by IloveGibbstown May 7, 2021
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She is the best. A G Town super star. all hail V money. they all smoke that v money pack on the high key. they all love love that v money gal
example- v money lowkey the best

example- yo you hear v money’s new diss track
by IloveGibbstown May 10, 2021
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When something is uncontrollably, uncomfortably loose and shaggy. shaggy is kind of like the guy from the laundry detergent commercials shirt. it kind of looks ugly and musty and uncomfortable.
example- mom this shirt is too shaggy

example- i can’t wear this it’s too shaggy
by IloveGibbstown April 18, 2021
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