One of D best'est persons life can offer you..Once they know you they ll make every possible effort to make you smile.Jewel of A Person and the most adorable friend life can offer, someone not meant be lost ever.
But they are really bad at expressing themselves which turns the table at times.
Oh I was thinking of Having a wonderful life and it reminded me of A Utsav.
by Solfiesta March 19, 2021
The hottest boy in the school. All the girl secretly have a crush on him including me. He is somehow good at everything he does. He is the smartest boy in the whole grade. Who doesn't want to hang out with him. You'll never see him alone at school.
Person 1: Hey that's Utsav
Person 2: How do you know?
Person 1: He's good at everything he does.
by GermanBoy33 December 9, 2020
Someone who has a higher IQ and is yet still able to participate in social events. Most people who are like Utsav will usually be the more popular people in social groups. Considered as the cool kids.
Whoa that guy is like Utsav
by God's Son October 14, 2007
a word used specifically to describe the AWESOMEST member of a race

hence the ppl with this name are not only the most superior human beings but also the most qualified ppl in any given field known to mankind, ....yet at the same time highly friendly, charismatic and down to earth types

(PS: this word is derived from the hindi word meaning celebration/festival as the birth of such awesome people calls for a huge celebration)
omg...Utsav is one hell of an Utsav...hes the best
by awesome_lol February 28, 2010
Limp dick... as exampled by a male who uses his limp dick to post shit posts on a platform he's supposedly the communication head... like in lol you sick wad
by SingleGirlAlert April 20, 2017
He is like Ravi Utsav, Who does trading
by Phoenix Trader November 23, 2021
They love each other and made for each other They Fight a Lot But After fight they are together
by King1245 November 24, 2021