The Usual refers to a persons "Go To" move used as a prelude to sex/love-making.
Jon: Sweetie, can I give you a backrub to help you fall asleep?
Karen: Ah... The Usual? Sure that would be nice
Jon then proceeds to rub and kiss Karen's back and then her bumb until he is ultimately making love to her.
Karen: That's not my back Jon...but keep going...
by JandK4ever December 3, 2022
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An annoying jerkweed who when asked for his menu choice replies "the usual", despite no one having any idea or really caring what this candy-ass wants.
"Hey, Phillippe! We got a usualer at table 6. What does he get?"

"Who knows, man! Wait, what's that on the ground? Here, put it with some, no, pimp it up, man! Yeah, like that...go give that to the that's the shiznit!"
by petyosk September 8, 2009
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When a person walks into a bathroom to drop a deuce, and stands up when their finished only to realize they were sitting on another person who was using the toilet the entire time.
I walked into the bathroom and gave this chick The Usual.
by LukeMX1 October 22, 2007
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Usually referring to african-americans who commit crimes.
News: "Asian woman gets attacked on the street for no reason"
*Suspect is african-american*
George : "Ah yes, the usual suspects."
by Blasfemy August 22, 2022
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(n) 1) Someone who makes regular appearances on talk shows and lectures simply because he or she appears to be intelligent. 2) A B-list celebritard.
Usual experts Noam Chomsky and Ann Coulter were debating the war in Iraq this morning on the TV.
by The Cabal June 14, 2008
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The infamous line said by Robotnik in the episode of AoStH " Boogey-Mania". The line had emphisis placed on the PING AS, which made it sound like penis. This particular clip has been exploited for Youtube Poops and the like.
by BlobsStudio October 14, 2009
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The redundant version of "Per usual", used to add extra words and seem more official.

As according to usual
As as usual
Have my assistant handle my accounts this week as per usual.
by djjellyk November 13, 2015
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