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A definition that is rejected by Urban Dictionary editors because it does not fit the criteria necessary to be entered in the dictionary. Usually submitted by;

1.A retarded teenage girl who defines herself as shy, sexy, sweet and the coolest chick you will ever meet.

2.A retarded teenage boy who defines himself as a total chick magnet with a massive cock and is great at everything.

3. A spiteful teenage boy/girl who wants to talk shit about an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend.

4. A friendless cock-gobbler who wants his WOW guild or call of duty team defined as total bad asses who are conquering the gaming world.

The sorry sacks of shit keep submitting entries never understanding why they are not being published. The editors see the same types of entry 20 times for the 1 acceptable entry they publish. If your potential entry fits into any of the above categories fuck off and quit wasting our time.
Typical Urban Dictionary Rejects
Kayla: a sweet, sexy, shy girl who is often misunderstood and is wanted by everyone she meets ;)

Tony: A totally awesome guy who kicks ass at rock band, smokes hella weed and is a total babe magnet. :0

Samantha: A smelly whore with a Vagina as wide as the entire Asian Sub-continent who blows everyone she meets and secretes hepatitis juice though her sweat glands.
by Jerkymcstupid August 07, 2010
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When your definition gets rejected from urban dictionary.
Johnny: Hey Billy, let's see how many likes your definition got today.

Billy: We can't. It got rejected.

Johnny: hahaha. Stupid Urban Dictionary Reject.

Billy: D:

Johnny: your mom is hot btw.
by MyWifeSlapsMe June 01, 2016
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A person who incessantly tries to get published by Urban Dictionary but he's not a word wizard like me so the editors always deny his words.
That guy is an urban dictionary reject, he should stick with his day job.
by Amphibious Goddess June 02, 2016
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