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Any person that conjoins two words in an effort to attempt to be funny or clever and submits this failure to Urban
Nick: Only an urban dickhead would use a word like "Procrasturbating".

Robbie: "Shes surfing medical websites looking for diseases except the obvious, the common flu. What a cyberchondriac."
Nick: What an urban dickhead, you are.
by Metrosexuwell February 03, 2010
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Someone who adds fake or made up slang to the Urban Dictionary that has to do with some innate sex act that has no real meaning.
I was reading the Urban Dictionary and could not believe the amount of Urban Dickheads that post bullshit.
by Rodan Mistiff December 07, 2007
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Someone who over uses Urban Dictionary to find out everything.
Larry: Jim, your a kike

Jim: Ah. So I am the derogatory term for a Jew

Larry: ...And you're an Urban Dick Head
by wetdickallnight September 12, 2009
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people who spend all day on urban dictionary doing things like reading random definitions, rating them, and laughing like little douchebags. like you, because i'm wasting your time and mine.
linh: what're you doing??

chris: i'm on!

linh:. . . urbandickhead.

chris: you know it. ;)
by christian luu October 13, 2007
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Noun 1. Someone who posts a lot of words on Urban Dictionary, whether his creation or not. 2. Typically, an unclever poster on Urban Dictionary. Lots of misspelled words.
"Cowboy Up What you say when its time to quit btiching and be aman"

What an urban dickhead.
by funkstank July 03, 2009
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