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Most people who come on here to post a bunch of stupid definitions. Especially the words that nobody uses. Most of the crap on here is just a bunch of random words put together like "tooth sweaters", who the fuck has ever used that in conversation? And I once typed in cheeseburger and it came up with sex positions! What the fuck!
any douchebag urban asshole that posts imature stupid shit on here should lose thier dick.
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A freaking annoying guy/girl who regurgitates definition he has stolen on other websites (usually wikipedia, see wikitarded) using copy/paste on urban dictionary. Most of the time, they haven't even read what they are copying. They don't care, they just want to look smart. Obviously, those people don't understand the concept of urban dictionary (wich is inventing or defining slang words in my opinion)
I was looking at the definition for queen but I abandonned because a bunch of urban assholes were there before me and had copy/pasted their whole biography and discography. DAMN I HATE THOSE URBAN ASSHOLES
by Carl Wetbush April 01, 2008
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People on urban dictionary who put definitions for their friends' names in order to get attention from them
Many people on urban dictionary are Urban Assholes
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