The uploader is the one of the most valuable person of a non-just-talk-forum.The uploaders are very helpful people,they are full of unselfish.Everybody likes the uploader,the one of the neccesariest member
The admin thought that Jimmy is an useful and active member with many courage and terrabytes of files,so he gave him the UPLOADER status :)
by spdeluxe January 6, 2007
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To be artificially inseminated.
“Hey, want to come play pickle ball with us tomorrow?” “Sorry I can’t, I’m getting uploaded in the morning and have to take it easy. Better not be twins!”
by 36ben July 3, 2021
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The process of uploading something on to a computer server, especially on the internet.
The uploadation of those videos is vital to completing the project.
by samarpeace September 4, 2015
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A place or person where someone goes to snitch or tell on.
by Naut_jay May 3, 2023
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In homosexual parlance, equivalent to a "top". The one who provides the "load", as opposed to the one who receives it, either in the mouth or the ass, ie. the "downloader"
-Hey, man, Eric and I got it on full on last night!
-Sweet! Were you the uploader or downloader?
-Uploader, all the way! That guy received my jizzabytes like a champ!
by Spunkelunker August 14, 2010
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when your ass is up against anothers you push your deuce up into their a-hole.
I couldn't get a boner so i just uploaded her.
by jezuse and macks October 13, 2008
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