When you don’t conform to the idea that you are woke, or the deluded belief of being socially and politically superior because for calling random people nazis.
Am she became unwoke when she researched the issues for herself
by Smart Aleck ;) January 21, 2021
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*The Smosh squad is playing The Who know me best challenge, question- What is Courtney’s biggest fear*

Olivia writes being unwoke

Courtney chooses Olivia’s answer because they are besties and that is Courtney’s biggest fear- Courtney hopes to never be unwoke.
by Koalalover0613 June 27, 2018
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Right Wing and Centerist (n.b. a right of center American political ideology) slang for "still racist and proud," "still homophobic and proud," "still xenophobic and proud," as well as "still sexist and proud."
Billy Joe's the most unwoke mother fucker I know. He spends his time online posting that "triggered chick" meme and calling people libtards. He still hasn't got his GED, and he was fired last week from the Quickie Mart. Somehow, he says it's the Mexicans' fault.
by Sliip Kiid November 09, 2021
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A word used by retarded SJW's and liberal twats to describe an overseeing of equality of outcome by a white, usually male person.
SJW: "Oh mah gawd, white peoples unwokeness really triggeres me"

Normal person: "Un-what? Stop speaking german you fucking Nazi"
by ProudWhiteBoi March 26, 2017
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When one is not socially and politically aware. (Not woke)
Luke is so unwoke, he thinks mullets are still in style
by Tyrone_blackdude February 22, 2017
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An adjective to describe the state of mind that a person is in when they are unwoke.
(Someone being idiotic and arrogant)
Oh, that person's unwokeness level is off the charts!
by fhiltyfelix March 07, 2017
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When you reach an epiphany after being woke that you don't need to conform to the idea of being woke or the deluded belief of demonstrating an incorrect belief of being socially and politically superior to those that disagree with you.
Being woke actually encourages division and intolerance. I woke up from being woke; I unwoke-up.
by Cotton Rocks November 14, 2021
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