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The one person from your past that you can't get over, but can never obtain.

Similar to the "Lobster" or the "Boo", the "Unreachable" is the person that you've liked/loved in the past, had a strong connection with, and always end up thinking about every now and then; the only difference is that you never really had them to begin with.
Lisa: I miss Brian...He's my unreachable.
Phyllis: You mean your lobster?
Lisa: No, hoe, my unreachable....
by somethingsaur February 20, 2007
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A sequel to Bruce Willis' UnBreakable staring Ever. It is all about trying to get a hold of him. The film has it's ups and downs and a twist ending. Does someone get him to answer his phone? You'll have to wait and find out. Coming to a Theater near you. Summer 2010
"I think his phone is off" UnReachable
"He lost his phone" UnReachable
"His phone is out of battery" UnReachable
"I don't know he wont answer my calls or text's" UnReachable
by Shmeve August 26, 2008
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