Even more impossible than impossible. Quite possibly the most impossiblest thing in the world.
Stupid_dumbface: "S.Carter's are gay!" Supa_cool_guy: "No way thats Unpossible!"
by Supa_cool_guy October 7, 2003
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Unpossible, that which can’t be done just yet.

We have the word impossible, but we need to differentiate between two sorts of things. The Impossible is that which, by definition, can never be done. We need another word, Unpossible, that which can’t be done just yet.
The ability and knowledge to cure cancer is currently unpossible.
by CaptJim August 20, 2013
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The state of not being possible simply and solely because prevalent thinking refuses to allow it.
It is unpossible for Ford to make a profit selling the diesel Escort in North America.
by mycelf September 26, 2008
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Something that should be possible, however is consistently failed at so hard that it inverts itself and becomes the opposite of possible, thus unpossible.
Jim: So is Steve actually going to go on a successful date tonight?

Bob: Hahaha, Steve? Go on a successful date? That's unpossible.
by Kyp28 May 3, 2010
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Something that at first seems impossible. If you change your thinking about it it becomes possible.
Everything that you think is "impossible" is actually unpossible (that is possible)!
by Ian Moore Treepax March 8, 2008
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Incorrect way of saying impossible, rarely used.
Me fail english? That's unpossible.
-Ralph Wiggum
by can you open my milk mommy February 22, 2005
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