An ‘Unlocker’ refers to a member of an Unlock Reality (UR) Internet group, or a reader of the text Unlock Reality (the underground book, which claims to explain the Construction of the Universe in terms that anyone can understand).

Unlockers seek to be UR and general enjoy a sense of the UR-Effect, or the Pre-UR-Effect.

Example of use: “Are you an Unlocker?” “Yes I’m an Unlocker, I’m a member of a mayspace Unlock Reality UR group.


He’s an Unlocker, he read Unlock Reality yesterday.
by Tony Hartly November 11, 2006
"To have been unlocked" is to have been recognised by one or more persons as being important. Or the person lets you know publicly that you are appreciated.
What do you think about John?

- He is nice. He has been "unlocked"
by BrownSkinned January 13, 2019
combination of the words “achievement” and “unlocked
Person 1 (puts on glasses for the first time) : “Wow I can actually see your face now! That is such a nice unlockment.”
by aloeverascentedlotion October 17, 2021
A woman with low moral values in regard to sexual activity.
That girl is unlocked, I hooked up with her last week after two drinks.
by Dannamoth January 31, 2011
A phrase used mainly by the gamer community to express a feeling of satisfaction after having successfully completed a particular task or venture.

"Achievement unlocked" is the official phrase used on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. The phrase appears on the screen after the player has accomplished a specific in-game task.

The phrase was first used out of game context in the comedy series "The Guild."
Mariam: Victor, your idea to add nap rooms inside the corporate offices has been accepted and will be implemented next week.

Victor: Achievement unlocked!
by Coniption February 9, 2011
A term used when someone says something deep or wise. Derived from the underground text called Unlock Reality, which claims to explain the Construction of the Universe in terms that anyone can understand, and is being shared round the world using bookcrossing.
Someone says "we need more love in this world"
the reply is, "hey you Unlock Reality man.
by Tmonome September 19, 2006
A notorious quote in the original Resident Evil for PlayStation when Barry Burton gives STARS partner Jill Valentine a lockpick. Also see wordJill sandwich/word.
"Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you."
by Death to Infidels September 28, 2003