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The University of Tampa is a private, co-educational institution of higher education comprised of approx. 5,300 students. It offers excellent academics, a beautiful campus, hot women, and a great location. It's also one of the biggest party schools in Florida!
The University of Tampa...we pregame like you party and we live where you spring break!
by STUDENTTT September 08, 2006
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University of Tampa nestled near the Hillsborough river, just west of downtown Tampa is a small private university.. now to the truth, this extremely overpriced, mediocre university in chock full of out of state rich students who are not smart enough to get into a prestigious private university. Due to the small nature and the fact that female students outnumber their male counterparts, this school has quite a reputation for manswapping, gangbanging females. If you like your girls wild and rich, this is the place for you! Best part, if they dont have room for you on dorms, they will put you up in a nearby hotel! Quite simply, UT is a more expensive, less adequate alternative to the nearby University of South Florida.
The famous saying about the University of Tampa... "You can't spell slut without UT"
by Tampa boy10 January 20, 2008
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The University of Tampa is a small school in Florida that is comprised of students who got rejected from their number one schools. It is conveniently located right outside of Ybor city, probably the scrubbiest street in the country. There are too many Guidos and Gays to fathom, and Greek life is a complete joke. The teachers have the least qualifications of any private school in the South. All of these things may be reasons for the transfer rate at 48% after freshman year.
All the girls are bringing their Baby Phat bags to class today, only to impress the Guidos at the University of Tampa.
by ATampaSkank May 01, 2009
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For some reason students find falling out of chairs to be uncontrollably funny while regular human beings see the act as a sick injustice
Haha look at the guy that fell out of the chair in the quad at the University of Tampa!
by Quincy Qweef April 25, 2011
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