A high school in Irvine, California where everyone is super hyper focused on the following topics:

1.) Grades- a vast majority of Uni is students that are overly obsessed with their GPA and grades. These are the students that will basically go at *extreme* lengths to raise their 89.9 to a 90.

2.) Drugs/Juuls- those who have given up on the fierce academic competition resort to drugs (mainly weed) and vaping in order to fit in. These kids can be found during classes vaping in bathroom stalls or during various points throughout the day crowded around one locker each trying to grab at the pot supply of whoever’s locker it is.

3.) Status- throughout every aspect of life at Uni is the status that comes with each individual move that they do. Some become focused on this ideal and devote their high school careers to having the coolest Instagram theme or wearing the right kinds of clothes.

In addition to these Uni fixiations, you may have noticed that Uni is located in Irvine. Irvine has been the safest city in the US for several years in a row and has garnered its reputation as being the “Irvine Bubble”. Everyone has a different interpretation of this, but the basic themes are as follows:

1.) No Poverty
2.) No Violence
3.) No Reality

All in all, University High School is a diverse community filled with different students and teachers making it both the best and worst school ever.
College Application Administrator: So, where did you attend high school?
College Applicant: University High School, in Irvine.

College Application Administrator: With those grades? That’s impressive.

Student 1: Where’d you get that pot?

Student 2: Off of some Uni kid
by woodbridgesucks October 15, 2018
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A high school in which you get beat up for NOT being a nerd.
The jock visiting University High School got a trumpet shoved up his ass.
by roxareinmyhead October 1, 2004
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University high School located in Carmel, Indiana is a college-prep school* run by nerds for nerds.

(tyranny* cough cough)
Nerd 1: hey dude did you hear that University High School had a cosplay class?
Need 2: Yeah, I heard one kid made a dark soul’s costume with an actual sword he welded.
Normal Person: what? Is it a costume or cosplay?
Nerds: *beating the ever loving shit out of the normal dude*
by Alternatively September 22, 2018
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Is an institution in the smack-dab, middle-of-nowhere Illinois, where everyone realizes that they are better than everyone else in the town. Albeit, the studetns are technically lab rats for ISU, any U-High student who ends up going to ISU and not some Ivy League or Big Ten (11) or SEC school is an absolute failure. And heaven forbid they end up at Heartland.
"I got into U-High!, now I'm too smart to hang out with you Mr. President. Oh, hi there Ms. Playmate..."
by pOiSoNeDrAgOn January 26, 2005
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A school in the suburb of Parkville in Melbourne. A school that sounds great by the name but dont be fooled in reality it truely is a shit hole.
Teenager 1: Where do you go to school?
Teenager 2: University High School
Teenager 1: Oh.. (starts to walk away)
by Poopy nappy October 22, 2008
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Tightest school with the hottest booty. Super challenging. Everyone is too damn smart causing the rest of the schools in San Francisco to get worked up and feel inferior.
UHS, you expect anything less? Bow down to the Devils of the 415
by blapblap February 16, 2005
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A small independent high school in San Francisco. The school is very challenging, and it is better than Urban.
Guy 1: What's that cool school in San Francisco?
Guy 2: It's University!
by John Doe January 10, 2005
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