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The cross between a Unicorn and a Potato. The most fabulous creature you could ever imagine.
"What a fabulous creature! What is that?"
"That's a Unitato!"
by MeowCatz October 13, 2013
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The most graceful creature on the planet. It combines the beloved potato and the mystical unicorn to create the mystically beloved Unitato. The mother is a unicorn and the father is a potato. There is nothing better than this magnificent creature.
Life Advise: Keep calm and be a Unitato.

Me: I drew a unitato on my history notes :3
by Unitato_Believer June 09, 2017
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The product of when mommy unicorn and daddy potato go into the bedroom together. The offspring of a unicorn and potato. Usually found frolicking in fields of majesticness.
I spotted a rare Unitato while eating cotton candy yesterday.
by Unitato Queen March 10, 2015
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A initiate person is someone that's a crossbreed of a unicorn and a potato! They are amazing
Addy is a unitato!!
via giphy
by Amazing potato November 27, 2016
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Someone who is sweet and makes you feel like you belong in this world, someone who makes you really happy, is always there for you, never judges you, makes you go from feeling super horrible to super excited, and always makes you feel like you can smile again.
Hey, Unitato, thank you for being there for me last night, you are such an awesome person :)
by totallynotmayo November 30, 2018
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