A straight, sexy, seductive female who enjoys wearing a strap-on, she loves the exchange of power and energy. She loves a Man to enjoy anal play, especially pegging.
(See UD Definition for "Pegging")
She told me she is a Unicorn, her strapon turned me on so much because I love anal play. I was ready to feel her in my ass.
by StrawberreeUnicorn June 30, 2012
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A girl who is so beautiful that she attains mythical status and is impossibly far out of anyone's league.
Man, Nicole is so perfect... I wish she were my girlfriend. But alas, she is a unicorn.
by Three Thirty Three September 22, 2010
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an African American with natural red hair.

A.K.A. a black ginger
"Damn it Cyril ,you just killed a black ginger! That's like killing a unicorn."
by Dr. Knockers and bear October 16, 2016
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a style of flicking someone off by holding you middle finger up near your head to look like a unicorn

-mostly used while riding a bike
That boy who lives down the block rode by my house on his bike and gave me the unicorn.
by urworsthacker01 December 30, 2011
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Tasty with A1 sauce, grilled over an open flame.
Mmmmm, this Unicorn is very tender.
by Moose September 23, 2003
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A mythical creature typically represented as a single mother that doesn't use Government assistance.
Even though being a single mom was tough, Janet worked hard to get a degree so she could get a high paying job and become a unicorn instead of a freeloading, street urchin.
by Q-City Wordsmith December 12, 2013
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