Charlie the Unicorn is a very popular video that's been spread across the internet over youtube, myspace, newgrounds, and other flash animation websites. In this video, a pink unicorn and a blue unicorn badger a white unicorn named Charlie into going to a location known as Candy Mountain. On the way to Candy Mountain, the pink and blue unicorn get guidance from the magical liopleurodon, which is a dinosaur that speaks an unidentifiable language, which Charlie can't understand. After getting directions from the liopleurodon, the pink and blue unicorns lead Charlie to a bridge, which is "like covered in splinters." After crossing the bridge, Charlie and the other two unicorns arrive at Candy Mountain. Although the pink and blue unicorns beg Charlie to go inside the Candy Mountain cave, he refuses to enter. The two unicorns then get help from the letters C, A, N, D, and Y. Letter Y serenades Charlie with a song about Candy Mountain, while the other four letters dance along to the catchy tune. When the song ends, the letters spontaneously combust. Charlie was persuaded by the dancing letters and his annoying pink and blue friends to go inside the Candy Mountain cave. While entering the cave, Charlie's friends give him a smug goodbye, and he suddenly becomes concerned. Just as he tries to back out, the cave entrance closes. Charlie struggles to find his way in the dark as he starts hearing footsteps. Some fighting sound effects are heard, and in the next scene, Charlie wakes up in the meadow with a huge, bleeding gash across his lower abdomen. He finally realizes what his "friends" were up to as he shouts his gruesome realization: "Aww, they took my frickin kidney!!!!!"
Random Teenager: I love Charlie The Unicorn! It's my favorite video on the internet!

Charlie: Oh gawd, what is THAT?
Blue Unicorn: It's a liopleurodon, Charlie!
Pink Unicorn: A magical liopleurodon!
Blue Unicorn: It's gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain!!!Charlie: All right guys, you do know that there's no ACTUAL Candy Mountain, right?
Blue Unicorn: Shun the nonbeliever!
Pink Unicorn: Shuuuuuuuuun!
Blue Unicorn: ShuuuuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuNUH!
by Sara Mathews November 30, 2006
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A cartoon series on the Internet. While it is well animated and sports a decent sense of humor, it is highly overrated.
Hyperactive Teenage Girl: OMG OMG Have you seen Charlie The Unicorn?!

Regular Person: For the fifteenth time... Yes.

Hyperactive Teenage Girl: It's SOOOOO funny and SOOOOO RANDOM! Tee-hee!

Regular Person: *facepalm*
by N64Gen April 11, 2009
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The most awesome mini cartoon featuring charlie the unicorn.
"Shun the non-believer!


"It's a land of sweets and joy...and joyness"

"Oh when you're down and looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the Candy Mountian Cave
When you get inside you'll find yourself a cheery land
Such a Happy and joy filled and perky merry land
They've got Lollipops and gummy drops and candy things
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day
It's impossible to wear a frown in Candy Town!
It's the Mecca of love, the Candy Cave!
they've got jellybeans and coconuts with little hats candy rats chocolate bats its a wonderland of sweets find a candy train to town and hear the candy band candy bells its a treat as they march across the land cherry ribbons stream across the sky into the ground turn around be astound at the dacing candy treats in the candy cave imagination runs so free so now charlie please will you go into the cave *boom* "
Charlie the unicorn rocks.
by compoura December 1, 2006
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Charile the Unicorn is the sequal to Charlie the Unicorn, a popular video. In this one, the annoying blue and pink come back pretending to be deep sea divers while floating in the air. They are then sucked into a vortex that opens on Charlie's back. They come back soon after with an amulet around the blue one's neck. After persuasion, they go on a search to find the Banana King and return the amulet. On the way there they find a giant Z and the blue and pink unicorns start speaking spanish. They reach the kingdom of the banana king where a green seal-like creature wearing a Santa-Claus hat, beard and red lips who begins singing "Put a Banana in your ear!" Afterwards it explodes, just like the letters in the original. Charlie even comments, "Of course it burst into flames." It is then found that Charlie is the Banana King. He goes back home to find that he has been robbed again. The vortex opens again on Charlies back, and the blue unicorn makes a funny noise then leaves.
"Look over there! Its a Coral reef!"
"Oh no! Here comes a school of Fugu fish!"
"There's no stopping the vortex, Charlie"
"Charlie! I have the amulet! The amulet Charlie! The magical amulet! Spirals, Spirals! The amulettttt.....!!!"
"Put a banana in your ear!"
"You are the Banana King!"
Charlie the Unicorn 2
by SilverFoxTheKit May 1, 2008
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Charlie The Unicorn 3 is the third installment to the popular internet series "Charlie The Unicorn." It starts out with Charlie walking normally when he hears the voices of the annoying blue and pink unicorns from the previous videos, and they suddenly appear in time travel gear claiming they're from the future, They want Charlie to come to the future with them, and tell him to grab onto their toungues, which whip out like ropes onto Charlie. They bring Charlie to the future to finish their snowman, which looks exactly the same as before except their gear is gone. The 2 unicorns say that they might wake the "Umu" which isn't really there, and they have to be sneaky, which is shown randomly by the blue and pink unicorns flailing their legs as if they were limp, which Charlie states he clearly can't do. They apparently woke the Umu and they run to a boat shaped like a duck, and once again Charlie has to "grab onto their toungues." After a short ride and annoying telephone noises the 2 unicorns make, they are pulled into a liquid abyss, which is where the snowman lies. During an underwater journey to the snowman, they come across a door that is standing straight up and doesn't go anywhere, and is said it can see into your soul, which the pink unicorn soon after says he was just joking. When they're almost there, random sea creatures swim above, which the unicorns make Charlie stop for. Charlie angrily says he doesn't care about every sea creatures, but they say the creatures care about him, when suddenly a goat-seal-like thing sings a song about how the fish love him, and he spontaneously combusts like the other creatures did in the previous 2 videos. Charlie finds the snowman without a nose, but suddenly sleeping gas comes out, knocking him unconscious. The video ends with him waking up finding that the 2 unicorns took his horn and used it as a nose, which Charlie complains about very briefly, but he then sees his kidney, which the unicorns took in the first video, in the snowman.
by Charlieawesome April 15, 2009
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