Something unable to be discovered by use of the Google search engine.

No longer a legal word because Google has abandoned their earlier policy of "Don't Be Evil".
"Late last year, the Swedish Language Council published a report of words that had entered the Swedish lexicon in 2012. Among them was ogooglebarungoogleable, in English. This did not please Google."
by ralphiLOLSWERS March 26, 2013
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Having a name so common that a Google search yields thousands of different people with the same name, rendering the search pointless and thus shielding one from scrutiny.
I tried searching for my old friend Joe Smith but it turns out that he's virtually ungoogleable.
by IpswichBob January 25, 2010
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(also written as ungooglable)

adj. 1) failing to return results from a search engine, especially google.

2) effectively anonymous in the context of a google search (or similar search) due to the overwhelming number of high-ranking results produced by something/someone else with the same name.
(1) "To be ungoogleable is to have never existed" or (2) to have a very, very common name, like my baby sister: searching on her name yields “Results 1 - 10 of about 5,180.” even if she was there, it’d take me half of forever to find her. - Elaine Nelson
by Peter Gilbert March 29, 2004
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when google takes a subject it thinks is to important for you. then takes the liberty to exclude it from your search results. thereby making it ungoogleable.
a spin-off of a news report in early 2013. google that shit and if you cant find it BAM there is yo mutha fuckin example ungoogleable
by lexicon activist March 29, 2013
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a word, phrase, name, person, place, or thing that is unable to be found on google, which means that it probably doesn't exist or is so rare that people are not responsible for knowing it exists, yet.
What you're referring to is ungoogleable; therefore, if it actually is true you can't call us dolts for not knowing it.

That professor you speak of is ungoogleable, so I doubt the credibility of your claims.
by runandwin May 27, 2005
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When you google something but then wish you didnt
Person one: So I just googled blue waffle...
Person two: And how did that work lut for you?
Person one: I so wish I could ungoogle it
by ThePenguination July 30, 2017
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The state of not being able to find something when searching using google.
opposite ofgooglable.
I was thinking about taking up a hobbie,like stalking Chuck Norris.But it seems he is ungooglable.
by Maggiee February 19, 2008
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