"THE" bad bitch who talks all mother fucking types of shit, gets the last word, and got comebacks for days; that "ONE" who backs up their words and dares anybody to try them. The aroma you smell when in that person's presence and you know they're not the one to bother. The tend to have a resting bitch face.
Them two bitches over there, Dallazz and Dynasty!? Be careful, they are unfuckwitable!
by Tiffany Dallazz November 21, 2016
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The status where no one is able to fuck with you.
Shawdy has a year until he retires. He just told the boss to go fuck himself. That man is unfuckwitable.
by tyler dirden April 12, 2007
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A state of not being able to be fucked with, in order to be in this state of mind one has to transcend being a basic nigga™️ to reach the ultimate level of That Nigga™️, males who also use this word have big dick energy.
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by BigDickEnergy June 30, 2018
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A person who can not be bothered,pressed,beat in any type of competition,and or cant be fucked with hints the word unfuckwitable.
by God_like_mike July 08, 2019
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