1. Something impossible to measure.

2. Something impossible to understand because of being very mysterious or complicated.

1. Unfathomable ocean depths.
2. How life was created is unfathomable.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
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the word u heard in Love, Death and Robots.
really bad idea to look for translation in urbandictionary but surprisingly it has correct definition
Robot1: We checked their code - no creator signature.
Robot2: That's because they were made by an unfathomable deity that created them for no apparent reason, out of dust.
Robot2: Just kidding.
Robot2: They came from a very warm soup.
by isuckelbows January 20, 2020
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Unfathomable stupidity is of utmost idiocy and awkwardness will emit off no matter living or non-living, people physically cringe to people or things like this. And no, this is not a metaphor for autism. These cases mostly happen when you are young.
"Donald Trump is the embodiment of unfathomable stupidity!"

- Some O' Reilly fan 2016
by Hecklerske March 17, 2016
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