The day before a holiday, after a regular day
The day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, is also known as Tuesday uneve.
by Reesycup2076 November 25, 2009
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1) an event that was poorly planned or was seen as being uninteresting so no one shows up for it.

2) any event that goes unnoticed. As compared to a non-event where people show up for the event, but the event is seen as dull or boring.

3) the opposite of an event.
So did you hear we planned this really big party for saturday night and no one came, it was a total unevent
by boikin February 27, 2008
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Joe: How was the business trip?
Jeff: Fairly uneventful.
Joe: Oh, you mean you didn't accidentally end up in bed with your coworker?
by smart fox November 10, 2016
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