Blooper snippets in making of a cover of an original.
Sat down to make a cover today, just made an uncover instead.
by Intensepaper November 23, 2019
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A person who has no clothes on under the bed cover
A man came into the room seeing an uncovered sexy woman in his bed
by TTligmanuts October 27, 2019
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n. A person at a Texas A&M athletic event who attempts to forcibly remove your hat during a yell. Usually this person does not in fact know the reason behind uncover, and assumes that this is a tradition because fish camp told them it was. They are also usually the person who has no real idea what is going on with the game, as they are far too busy worrying about the status of hats on other spectators.
I didn't take my hat off for a yell and the uncover nazi came over and took it off for me. We got into an altercation that resulted in him pissing his own pants.
by sensei john cleese October 23, 2008
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I was responding to a male on a personals ad and when I asked him what his preferences and this was his response: "I enjoy deep kissing, oral both ways and uncovered sex." I then asked him what he meant, his response "No condom"
by daddygurrl July 05, 2013
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The one place where you get everything you need for college. From merch to art to the best college guide.
Person1: Bro I'm so confused about college!
Person2: Bro don't worry just head to College Uncovered. They have everything. Just put in in your browser.
by thecollegebro September 26, 2020
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