a man who molests children
The cops picked up the school janitor today. They had evidence he was Uncle Chester.
by T-DOGG December 5, 2003
Your abusive uncle who locks you up in the basement and beats you with a belt.
My uncle chester beats my ass everyday.
by I am Hitler July 31, 2019
This is the worst roast known to mankind. If someone pulls this out on you, your a dead mfer.
Kuntu - your mom gay
Master - your dad lesbian

Kuntu - your granny tranny
Master - your gramps is a tramps
Kuntu - your sister a mister
Master - your brother a mother

Kuntu- you don’t know what you just did massa I have the power of god and anime on my side. YOUR UNCLE CHESTER IS A MOLESTER!!!!!!
Master *sheds tears and pulls out the whip
by MajinRobloxxxxLord123 May 13, 2018