When you shit down someone's throat and duct tape their mouth shut so they can't spit it up/puke it up
I gave my girlfriend a visit from uncle bob
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Hey Honey We will be back late tonight we are going to visit Justin's Uncle Bob. Don't wait up.
by Manderin August 28, 2005
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a very weird uncle that is very sexual towards you and always trys to be alone with you and talk to you. He's most likely a child molester and he always touches your arm, waist, legs, or hips
Uncle: Hey, Jordan....

by Jac0b3y November 5, 2021
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A lie so obvious even the person you tell it to knows, but understands they shouldn't ask anything else.
Mexican guy to John Connor - "Who's your friend?" John Connor - "Uh, Uncle Bob" Mexican Guy - "Uncle Bob, eh? Oookay."
by Yardboy May 13, 2015
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